What if Mary had said “No”?

As I was preparing this weeks Cross Current talk, I just began to wonder.  What if when Gabriel came to Mary and told her what was going to happen, she said,. “No.”?  I mean, Mary knew she was a virgin, but how could she prove it to everyone else?  What would her family think?  What would Joseph think?

In hindsight, we see her as a woman of solid faith, of character, and humility. But what if she had thought about the consequences of obedience- the ridicule, the loneliness,- and had decided that she couldn’t handle it.

As I read Luke 1 it hit me, she had no guarantees with this situation.  God never told her that Joseph would be cool with it, God never told her that she wouldn’t be labeled an adulterer and possibly facing death, God never patted her on the back and said that everything was going to be all right.  The only thing she could cling to was knowing that God had found “favor” in her, and that God was faithful.

So what if Mary had said no? Would God have worked it out?  Yeah, but it is interesting to think about….


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