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Thanks Steve!

This is my public shout out to Steve and for all he has done for me:

Thanks for giving me a chance.
Thanks for being patient with me (especially in the beginning 😉
Thanks for teaching me what it means to be a pastor.
Thanks for being a close friend.
Thanks for helping me.
Thanks for being there, for a talk, for advice, for whatever…

Thanks, Steve!!!


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Half-Way There!

Today was Moving Day- Part 1.  With the help of many friends and LCC members, we were able to load our entire house on a truck in less than 3 hours today.  We decided to not have to deal with DC traffic any longer, and instead of waiting until tomorrow morning to leave (subsequently spending about 2 hours dealing with morning rush hour), we left about 7:30 tonight and drove to Hagerstown before stopping. Tomorrow about 6 hour drive and we will be in Ohio.

Side note- I discovered tonight on the drive that the Uhaul truck we have does not have a governor on it to control the speed, allowing it to max out at 65.  So, yeah, we may get there sooner than I thought 😉

 Thanks so much to everyone who helped us get packed up.  You Guys Rock!!!

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It’s my turn to be a blessing

Do you ever feel like you are constantly being blessed by the generosity of others?  You ever wish you could be on the other end and give something back (Your turn to be a blessing)?  I feel that way a lot.  Andrea and I have been blessed by the generosity of a lot of different people- My parents, Her parents, Steve and Sherri and the list could go on and on.  To give you an example, we have only a handful of pieces of furniture in our house that we bought ourselves.  People have given us furniture and so much more.  And it grows.  This time it’s a car.  And a nice one- 1998 Acura 3.2 TL.  I love that car…

Getting back to the blessing thing.  Since we got a new car, I get to be a blessing and give my old car away.  It’s not that great (1991 Subaru Legacy wagon) but I knew there was a family who could use a second car.  So Andrea and I gave it to them this morning.

 So for once, I got to be a blessing…

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Moving Day

uhaul.jpgLet me say, I am so sick of boxes.  But tomorrow is moving day – part 1.  We pick the truck up about noon tomorrow and will start loading around 3pm.  It is always exciting to see that everything in your life, the stuff you work so hard to attain, can easily fit into the back of one truck 🙂  It is kind of humbling to think that way.  But it’s true.

Looking forward to getting it all packed up.  Our house is a mess right now!

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A friend asked me today when my first Sunday at LCC was?  The answer: 2/2/2003.  And it got me thinking about how that came about and what God has done in our lives since then.

We moved from Chattanooga, TN to Woodbridge, VA on faith.  My wife of 7 months (at the time) and I had no full-time jobs lined up and were getting paid by the church $500 a month.  With a car payment, credit card bills and a cell phone, we had spent that with no problem.  A family in the church, Terry and Judy Cummings, opened their home to us and let us live with them for 2 and a half months.  Funny thing is, we didn’t know them, had never met them, until we pulled into their driveway with a moving truck.  But they were good to us.  And we are grateful for that.  They became like second parents to us. So we began our youth ministry on a part-time basis on 2/2/2003.

Fast forward 4 and a half years.  Andrea and I have been married 5 years, have a two year old daughter, Addison, and on second child on the way.  I worked at the Pentagon for over 3 years and did student ministry part-time (student ministry is never part-time) until May 2006 when God allowed Josh and I to come on staff full- time.   What an amazing day that was.  I was blessed to be able to basically take a ministry from almost nothing (since the church was less than a year old) and mold it into a functioning, and I think effective youth ministry.  And in the process, get to love some of the best teens in the world.

Now God is moving us to a new church and a new group of teens.  In the time Andrea and I have gotten to spend with some of the teens from Sycamore Creek, we have already fallen in love with those teens.  I can’ t wait to get to Sycamore Creek and get running.  And who knows what the next 5 years will hold for us.  A lot can happen, and I am so glad it does.

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Bookmark it…

Hey, just a friendly reminder.  If you get to my blog through the Life Community Church website, you may want to go ahead and bookmark my blog.  Make it part of your favorites.  Why?  Because I am moving and I am pretty sure that they won’t leave a blog on the church page of a former employee.  Not that they don’t love me, but really it doesn’t make sense.

 So go take your mouse, and go up to the favorites button, click on it and select ADD to Favorites! 

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Spell Check

Had this weird thought today- I know spell check has saved my spelling many times, but who spell checks the dictionary?  I mean, I figure there has to be someone with ultimate “spell” authority, who has to sit down and make sure that all the crazy words in the dictionary are spelled correctly.  And when a new word is added, who gets to decide if that is the way it is going to be spelled?

I picture this guy sitting in a white room, with a huge head (Lots of brain), and big black glasses with the white tape in the middle, at a plain desk littered with other dictionaries.  I picture this man being very lonely, because he can never use just regular words, because he spends all day everyday reading tons of big words.

What do you think?  Just a weird thought for today!!!

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