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Kickin’ it at the Beach

beach.jpgThe house was quiet last night when I got home.  There was no noise or talking.  That’s because Andrea and Addison left yesterday to go to Myrtle Beach for vacation.  Andrea’s brother, Jason, stopped by and picked them up on his way to the beach.  I will be joining them Sunday.  I can’t wait.  I already miss them.  I am looking forward to a great week of golf and relaxing.  But I am not looking forward to the 10 hour drive…


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Wedding Ring

wedding_ring.jpgSo I am standing in the church office, talking with Gina, the admin. assistant, and I just happen to look down at my hand.  Now I have been all over the property this last week setting stuff up and doing various things as we had Extreme Week going on.  And I notice that there is something missing on my left hand. Yeah, my wedding ring is gone!  I don’t know how it came off, if it broke or just slipped off (maybe I am losing weight ;), but it wasn’t there.  So to keep the ladies off of me, when I got home that night, I put a different ring on my ring finger and have been wearing it all week.  I guess eventually we will buy another wedding ring for me, but for now that is just not in the budget.

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I think Addy had a good time

addy-rock.jpgThought I would throw up some pictures of Addison at our first night of Extreme Week- Water Wars!  She was soaked, but she had a good time.




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Rambling Blog…

I have never done a total random thoughts blog, but I thought I would give it a try…

  • It has been forever since I posted last.  New Job, working hard, blog has to wait
  • Started two new blogs- 1 for parents at Sycamore Creek and 1 for students
  • In the middle of Extreme week with Cross Current Students- I need it to not rain
  • Had 33 first night of extreme week, 31 last night
  • Huge attendance in Youth Bible Class Sunday morning: 26 opposed to the normal 12
  • I love being a youth pastor- best job in the world
  • Pickerington Students started school today- it’s crazy!
  • We are getting adjusted to Ohio life- would you believe a 25 minute trip takes 25 minutes here?  No matter the time of day.
  • Going to look at houses this weekend. Hope we can find one dirt cheap
  • I love my Acura!
  • I miss my students at LCC
  • I miss my most awesome nieces and nephew
  • I am hungry…
  • I hope to get back into my blog regularly soon
  • I have eat a live goldfish if our students reach 75 on October 14- Football Sunday.
  • A student has to eat one if they do not!
  • I agreed to eat 5 more the next Sunday if we have 75 again.
  • I am a moron!
  • I have taken up Frisbee golf, it’s addicting
  • I hope we have 40 tonight at Extreme Week!
  • I better stop now, it’s getting long!

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I know it’s been a while…

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but be encouraged.  I will be back.

We have been trying to get settled into our new digs and our new church.  Things went well the first Sunday at Sycamore Creek.  Addison enjoyed her class (She is in preschool here) and we had a family get together for the students Sunday Night.   It was exciting because I was told that there were families there that have never been involved with youth at all, so that is awesome.  I guess they are trying to figureif this new guy is legit or what?  Hopefully, they will return.

Other than giving one of my students a black eye (frisbee golf accident, sorry Kail), I would say the day went well.  Now I have got to get back to work.

But I will be back to normal real soon!

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