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Christmas Traditions

You know I have a almost 4 year old daughter and an almost 1 year old son, so I have been thinking a lot about starting some Christmas traditions with my family.  The first few years I think it is the basic Christmas but I think I can get some cool traditions started.

So I have been asking around to find some cool traditions, that maybe I could steal borrow and make my own.  Here are a few that I thought were kind of cool-

Tacos– one student I asked told that his grandma makes tacos every Christmas eve (i think) and it has become something that they look forward to each year

Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer- I thought it was cool that a family I know sits down and watches Rudolph every Christmas Eve together.  Kind of kicks off their Christmas together!

I’m Special Plate- A mom told me that for years they have had this one plate that says “I’m special”.  Each day during December one child (and they have 6) gets to use the plate at dinner.  And she said that when she sets the plate down she tells them one reason why they are special.  And now, her  24 year old daughter told her that she still looks forward to eating with that plate!

And I think this has to be the coolest…and most meaningful Christmas tradition

Straw Bed for Jesus- From Thanksgiving to Christmas, one family has a little wooden crib big enough for baby Jesus.  And every time they do something selfless or nice for someone else, they get a few pieces of straw to put in the crib.  And on Christmas eve, they lay baby Jesus in the bed of straw that there good actions have created for Him.  Some years there is a lot of straw and some years not so much.  I think that is a beautiful picture of the spirit of Christmas.

So what is your favorite holiday tradition?


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This will have you ROFL

I posted this to my student blog but had to put it here as well. This is so funny!!!
And I can’t get this song out of my head!

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It Cracks me Up!!!

So we go out tonight to take the kids to see the Picktown Lights in Pickerington.  So we see the 19 houses on one street that are set to music.  It comes across the radio and we can watch the houses blink to the rhythm of the song.  Really cool!

Anyway, afterward I thought I would be the cool dad and stop my Tim Hortons to get Addison a hot chocolate.  So the family gets out of the van and goes in to enjoy a donut and hot chocolate.  And when we come out to go home, Andrea and I notice this big crack in the windshield of the van that I swear to you was not there when we went in to Tim Hortons!

So that donut is now gonna cost me $24o bucks!

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The Princess and the Pauper- I mean my daughter

Ok there are a few things that I know-
– My daughter has a freakish memory.  She can remember anything.  Today she was singing Santa Claus is coming to town and we don’t know when she heard it!
– My daughter is also a little O.C.D.- she gets focused on one thing and thats it, there is no changing her mind!

Those two things being understood, she has surprised us once again.  She borrowed this movie from her Grandma (Mimi) that was a Barbie movie called “The Princess and the Pauper”.  Now I don’t know if she just watches this movie way too much or is merely displaying her freakish mental skills, but here she is quoting word for word the opening of this movie…Enjoy!

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Ok so Andrea does school work with Addison 4 days a week.  And Addison is quick(Don’t ask where she got her smarts…has to be from her mother!).  She knows all her letters, can write all her letters, knows the sounds for all the letters, so know they are working on phonics and sounding out words. Oh yeah, and Addison is still 3 so I told she was quick!

Anyway, Andrea was working the double “o” sound, you know like in boo, zoo, etc.  Well, Addison like I said knows all the letter and the sounds so she says “Poo!” And then realizes what she said, smiled at Andrea and said “POOP?!”

Andrea, never missing a teaching moment, says “No, poo!  What letter would you have to add to make it say POOP?”

Addison thinks for a minute and says “P”…and then she wrote it on a piece of paper.

So one of the first words Addison learned to spell on her own was “POOP”.  I have never been happier…

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If Christmas Never Happened…

I was working on the christmas series for youth group over the last few weeks and I kept coming back to this question- “What if Christmas had never happened?”  What if that first Christmas morning never happened? 

It could have happened.  I mean, Mary could have been like , Thanks but no thanks! (or to rock your world, what if Mary wasn’t the first person God went to? What if the first person said no and Mary then said yes?)  Jesus could have decided He didn’t want to go to Earth- He had that right, He is God! 

So we talked about it Sunday Night in youth group.  We looked at the spiritual and social things that would be different.  Here is a little taste of what we came up with…

Social Differences
– Our Calendar would be different- It would be like year 5768 or somethin
– The holidays would be different
– There would be no gifts- I mean the whole gift thing started with Jesus, remember?
– There would be less charities- most were started by Christian organizations or Christian people
– Relationships would change- what’s the basis of relationships for you right now.  It would change

Religious Differences
– No Hope- see Ephesians 2:12
– No Freedom- read the Old Testament- check out Leviticus 19:19 and 19:27- we would be following all these rules
– No Peace- internally there would be none.  Externally it would be even worse than it is one
– No Death of Jesus- with no birth there would be no death
– No Christians- see above
– No Holy Spirit

Yeah, so life would be different…if Christmas never Happened!

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Series Help…

I am working on my Christmas Series for youth group and want to survey people who read my blog.  The series is called “Xmas: Christmas without Christ”

The original idea is to help students understand that Christmas (with Christ) affects their lives in more ways than we can imagine.  And that it affects it everyday of their lives not just during the Christmas season.

So I have come up with a small list of ways that Christmas without Christ would affect our everyday lives.  And so if you could take a moment and read through the list and then leave a comment with any other ways that Christmas without Christ would affect our daliy lives, I would appreciate it. (I have excluded the obvious ‘there would be no Christmas or Easter’ so don’t say that)

Christmas without Christ-
1. Religion would be different
2. Personal Relationships would be different
3. There would be no gifts
4. No hope for the future
5. The Calendar would look different
6. Internal Peace would be missing

So help me out.  How would Christmas be different without Christ?

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