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Done with the Dish

Today is a great day in my house.  When we moved into our home, we got set up with a DirecTV deal because they had an internet/tv bundle that was going to save us a bunch of money….

Wrong!  Apparently the internet they wanted to give us was designed for people who live in places where you have no other options for internet.  It involved putting a satellite dish on our roof…and it was crazy slow…like etch a sketch downloads.

We have been unhappy with DirecTV ever since we got it (No offense to anyone who works at DirecTV- I am sure there are some great highly qualified people there- we just didn’t get to talk to any of them!). 

And today, we are having AT&T Install U-Verse which is the fiber optic internet and cable…the same thing as Verizon Fios (in fact, they have a competitor agreement where they split up the country and AT&T does some parts and Verizon does others).  We loved the FIOS when we lived in VA so I am looking forward to watching a little TV when I get home!


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Look what the Easter Bunny brought…

So I waited a week to post this because I figured every other post had something about Easter and family and all that. 

We decided to have the Easter Bunny visit on Saturday since I had to pick up bagels for the Easter morning breakfast at 6:45am.  Pretty sure neither the kids or wifey would want to get up before then!  So, I made a few phone calls, and since me and The Easter Bunny are tight like that, he promised to swing by early!

Here is the video of my kids finding what the Easter bunny brought them….

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Starting at the End

For the last month and a half, I have been chewing on a question that every youth pastor needs to spend some serious time thinking about.  I mean I always had an answer to this question but I never really dove into the way I should have.  The question is a very serious question.  And one that will shape how I do ministry for the next few years.  Here is the question- What do I want a student to look  like that graduate from my student ministry?

Now at first glance, it seems like an easy question to answer.  I think all youth ministries want the same thing- to develop students who have a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ, right?  But go deeper, what does that look like?  How does a student live?  In order to measure your effectiveness as a student ministry, you need some tangible things to use as measurement. 

The problem is you can’t really use tangible things to measure a student’s heart.  We can say, “I want students who read the Bible everyday, or share their faith often or attend church all the time” (and all those things are worth noting by the way), but does that really measure the relationship a student has with Christ.  I know in my life as a teen heavily involved in youth group, I did all those things and my relationship was nowhere near healthy with Christ.  They were just things I did.  So I don’t think you can fully rely on those tangible things- but I still think they are important to teach!

So as I have thought about it a lot, I keep going back to four things I want students to be able to do when they leave the student ministry here at Sycamore Creek Church:
(This is by no means a finished thought process, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.  Feel free to add insight!)

1. To own their faith-
They may not be able to explain the deepest things of the Bible, but I want them to be able to state what they believe and why they believe it.  So many students believe because their parents believe, but I want to see students really own their own faith.

2. To be able to confidently say “I don’t know”
There is something about the confidence that comes from the ability to say “I don’t know”.  I really don’t want students to think they have everything figured out in their faith- because then it is not faith, it’s logic.  But i want them to be comfortable enough in who they are in Christ to say “I don’t know”

3. To not settle for “I don’t know” as a final answer- To me, if a student says “I don’t know” and leaves it at that, then they are done growing (true in adults as well!).  But I want students to say “I don’t know, but I will find out”.  That is where the habits of Bible Reading, prayer, church attendance, and all that come into play.   So I want to see students willing to do the work to find out the answer to the question so that the next time they get that question, they can say “I do know!”

4. To be willing to ask Questions- This is where it gets hard.  I want to teach my students to ask questions.  I don’t want them to take everything I say or Josh says or any other teacher says at just face value.  I want them to ask questions.  When you ask questions, you get answers, when you get the right answers, you gain knowledge, When you gain knowledge, your faith can grow and be stretched.

I think if every student that graduated from the student ministry here at Sycamore Creek did those four things, I think we could deem it a successful ministry!

Now the tough question is “How do I guide them to do those things?”….

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Just another reason my kids will never stay home from our vacation

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A Little Skyline Fundraiser

We really don’t like doing fundraisers at our church.  In fact it almost never happens.  We feel like the church is called to give back to the community not ask for handouts from it.  Now that being said there is a point where it is a win win for everyone. 

I feel like if you offer something of value for a fair price, then it is no longer fundraising, it is providing a needed service.  And there are also times where we can help out a business in the local community and they in return can help us out.  That’s a win-win!

skyline_logo_512x384And it is happening tonight!  Skyline Chili here in Pickerington, OH has graciously offered to host a benefit night for Sycamore Creek Church.  So anyone who comes in tonight and turns in the benefit coupon when they pay, 20% of their total order cost will be given back to Sycamore Creek.  We are using this money to help offset the cost of our Student Ministry WorldChangers trip this Summer!

So if you are in the area, drop by from 5:30pm-8:30pm tonight and help out Skyline Chili and Sycamore Creek Church!!!

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The Garden of Eatin’

It was finally a nice weekend and I didn’t have anything on the go, so I had promised my little girl that we would plant the vegetables in our garden, which we had built a couple weeks ago!

Well, she enjoyed it and was such a good helper. Would you like to know what we planted?  Okay, I’ll let Addison tell you…

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It’s Easter Egg Time

So we spent some time this past weekend coloring Easter Eggs. I’m not so sure that Brayden really got the concept…

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