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And all for $1…

chipmunks.jpg Have you been to the movies lately?  It’ll cost you an arm and a leg for tickets, and a kidney for your soda and popcorn!  So needless to say, we don’t go to the movies much.  In fact, Addison had never been to the movie theater, and the last movie that Andrea and I saw in the theaters was the movie “Invincible” like over a year ago!
But that changed today!  My mom is in town and we were looking for things to do since it has been rainy all week.  So I did a little searching around and found a $2 theater that shows movies that have just left the regular theaters.  And what’s better, matinee shows before 6p only cost $1 per person.  So Addison, Andrea, Brayden, Nana (my mom), and myself all went to see “Alvin & the Chipmunks” today for $4.  It was kind of cute. 

And it brought back all the memories from watching the cartoon when I was younger…


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I saw Jesus’ car today…

I know what you’re thinking, ‘ Uh Jesus didn’t have a car!’ and I would have agreed with you, until today.  We were headed back from the grocery store, I look over and I see it.  It’s a lincoln continental…and it has to be Jesus’ ride!  How do I know?  Simple.  The liscence plate said “MVP 4 GOD”  Now how can that not be Jesus’ ride?  I mean, know one in the Christian world would be that vain…to think that they are the MVP of God’s team!  I’m just glad to be on the team.  I’ll hand out water, whatever it takes to get the job done!

See I told you I saw Jesus’ ride today!

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New Family Pics…

I don’t want to bombard you with a bunch of pics, so I will post a few today and a few tomorrow.  We have had a busy past week, so here we go…

Addison had a blast coloring Easter Eggs

Brayden did a lot of layin’ around…but at least he is smiling!

Check out the stash of Easter Eggs that she got at our church egg hunt!

Stem Family pic on Easter

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The Big Weekend Wrap-Up

Without a doubt, Easter weekend is one of the greatest weekends ever!  If you are in ministry, this is like the Super Bowl.  Actually, it’s more than that!  I mean without Easter, our religion wouldn’t exist!  It is the one weekend that makes Christianity, well Christianity! 

So yeah, its a big weekend.  And here is how mine went down…

– It started on Thursday, we took a group of 18 student to the Annual Youth Evangelism Conference in Dayton, OH
– Spent Thursday Night chillin at the hotel pool with my students, then we took a drive through the ghetto (ever seen a McDonalds that closes at 9 and a Wendy’s that closes at 8?  I told you it was the ghetto!) and then got on the highway out of the ghetto to get some grub
– Slept in til 9:30am and then we checked out at 11:30 and headed to Dayton Mall for Friday afternoon
– Got me a little Chick-Fil-A for dinner (yum!) and then headed over to the Nutter Center for YEC
– Got back to Sycamore Creek at 1:30am Saturday Morning.  Got to bed around 2!
– Took Addison to the Easter Egg Hunt at Sycamore Creek on Saturday at 9am and then we had a little daddy-daughter date at the McD’s
– Took a nap!
Easter Sunday-
– Hit Panera at 7am to pick up Bagels for our Easter Church breakfast!  Sunrise service at 7am was kickin’ when I got to church!
– Had a great Sunday- 600 in attendance at SCC!  Man this is leading up to our spring Big Days!  This should Rock!!!
– Then hit the road to go visit Andrea’s parents for Easter.
– Came back this morning! 

Big Weekend? Yes!  Worth it? No doubt.

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Radio Preachers

Why is it that as soon as you hear a preacher on the radio, you can almost picture what they are wearing and how they are presenting the message?

I heard a guy on the radio on the way home from youth group tonight, and I instantly said to myself, “Red Tie, Double-breasted suit, probably standing behind a large pulpit and barely moving.  Possibly shaking his finger…”

Does anybody else do that?

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Baby Bottle Drinking Contest

We played this game at Cross Current this Sunday Night!  We had 3 guys and 3 bottles filled with grape juice.  The catch was that, like a baby, they could not feed themselves, so we had three girls hold the bottles for them.  It was awesome…I think they thought it would be easier than it actually was.

I am willing to put my son up against any of them.  I think he would waste them away…

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A moment to make a dad cry…

I don’t know that I have ever been prouder…


Oh, yeah and she knows the whole cheer, OH – IO, Go Buckeyes!  I think I need a moment!!!

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