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I think my daughter sleepwalks…

I’m beginning to put together the pieces that my 3 year old daughter is taking up a new habit…sleepwalking.  How do you get that idea you ask?  Well, the other day she was asleep in front of her bedroom door, then the other day she slept in the hallway.  And then tonight, well, here is what we found…

Yea, that is the hallway.  And the stairs

She wasn’t there, then she was…and when I picked her up she started to shake and had no idea where she was.  So yeah, I think she is sleepwalking…


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This time of year Rocks!!!

Okay, so I know it’s late…but I’ve been busy!

This last week has rocked (mostly).  A little recap:

– WorldChangers Workday on Saturday- students did an amazing job repainting the church picnic tables and doing some yardwork for a lady in our church. 
– Graduation party for one of my seniors- Live music, great food.  And a couple of Ohio State football guys, what more  could you ask for!
– Sunday- promotion Sunday.  I get a new group of 7th graders. What an exciting day!  I know they have been looking forward to this for a long time.  In fact, one of the new 7th graders walked right up to her sister, who is a graduating senior and said “You’re out, I’m in!!!”
– Baptism and BBQ- a yearly event at the church.  I spent 30 minutes in the dunk tank talking trash
– We baptized 14 people at the BBQ- and I got to baptize my first student here at SCC!  Awesome!!!
– My work computer died – hard drive crashed (I told you,..mostly good).  That sucked!
– Got checks in the mail two days straight..and they were not expected.  God rocks!!!
– And to cap it off- I’m going to the Reds v. Boston Red sox game on Saturday…and sitting in box seats right behind home plate.

Now if we can just find out about closing on our house…

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I love being a Dad…

So I’m sitting in the recliner this morning, when my daughter Addison comes down the steps.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”  she asks. 
“Reading, sweety”  I say

“What book are you reading?” she questions.
“I’m reading the Bible”

“Daddy, will you read it to me…”
“Sure, lets start in Genesis 1”

And that is why I love being a Dad!

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When Pigs Fly…uh, fart

Every one of us has moments in our office where we just can’t think straight.  We need something to relax our minds and relieve tension. Here is a classic game that can do just that!

  The objective: to escape from the pig pen by flying over the fence, using flatulence as your propellant.  so turn the speakers up and let ‘er rip…figuratively speaking, of course. Then come back and post your best time!


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