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Are You a Fred?

fred.jpgWhile Addison was in the hospital yesterday (taking a nap), I had a couple hours to catch up on some reading I have been wanting to do.  I had picked up the book “The Fred Factor” on Sunday and decided to bust it out.  It’s about a 2-3 hour read, so I got it finished.  Always feels good to accomplish something.

Great book!  Recommend it to everyone.  It gives great insight into everyday life.  Mark Sanborn writes some good stuff.  He was inspired to write this book by his mailman: Fred.

Here is the basic thought I got from the book:  how do I take the ordinary things in my life and make them extraordinary?  I may not be able to do tons of extraordinary things in my life, but I can do everything extraordinarily.  You never know when a kind word, a simple gesture like paying for someone’s coffee, or helping out a stranger will change that person’s life.  So I want to be a Fred: a person who does the ordinary things extraordinarily!

We all know Fred’s in our lives?  Are you a Fred?


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Maybe I should stop?

It never seems to fail, you teach on a subject on Sunday at church, and that week God allows you to be tested in that area.  Sure enough, it happened to me.

Sunday Night I talked to students at Cross Current about Faith- what it takes to have real faith, how it is revealed, and how God can bless you for it.  Fast forward to Monday.  Addison gets up from her nap to use the bathroom and Andrea notices bruises and little pink splotches (which we found out is called petechiae).  So we take Addy to the doctors, then go get blood work, and then wind up in the ER at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (all in 3 hours) because Addison’s platelet count is low (6,000 as opposed to 150,000 which is normal).  Yeah, she was fine Monday morning and then bam, something is not right.

Talk about testing my faith!  This is my little girl.  And she is sick.  They admit her for the night and start throwing around words like leukemia, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.  Yeah, faith tested. I am scared to death.  I don’t know what is going to happen or how this is going to affect Addison.

Luckily it turned out to be ITP, which stands for Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (yeah, stick with ITP).  Basically what happens with ITP is that the antibodies in your blood that normally fight a virus get confused and start attacking your platelets.  That’s what happened to Addy.  Apparently happens in toddlers mainly, and is pretty common though I had never heard of it.

They gave her some medicine and her platelets improved to 28,000 so we got to go home late Tuesday Evening.  She will get another blood test in the morning and then be checked again next week to make sure the platelets are recovering.  IN about 80% of cases there are no second issues with it and nothing else will happen.  So her platelets are coming up and everything is good. 

SO maybe I should stop talking about things like faith, attitudes, and actions.  This week I am talking about how awesome it is when everything works out in your life, and you have everything you want 🙂

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Support my school…for free

Hey, want to help out my alma mater, Tennessee Temple University?  You can do so by using GoodSearch as your web search engine.  We all use google, or yahoo, or whatever else, so why not make money for my school while you search.  It’s easy, and its free.

 Here is what you have to do:

– The next time you want to search, go to
– You will see a line that asks “who do you goodsearch for?
– Type in Tennessee Temple University
– It should find my school.
– It will save it on goodsearch so that every time you use goodsearch, it donates money to my alma mater.

And before you start worrying about the quality of the search, know it it powered by yahoo so it works.

It is one of the easiest ways to support a school that I have found.  Maybe your school is on their. You can search for it.

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Who ever thought of Carving a Pumpkin

What sick-o decided it would be fun to take a knife and just start hacking at a pumpkin?  And what’s worse, they made a smiley face.

Either way, it is that time of year again, so the Stem family busted out the pumpkin carving tools tonight for another pumpkin carving adventure.  Check out the pics of Addy below. (The one not glowing is Addison)




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Love these commercials

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Stem Family Update

Just a little of what’s going on in our lives:

– Mom and baby are doing well.  All signs point to a healthy last 3 months
– Addison is getting excited about her new “baby brother”- though I don’t think she understands that babies can’t really do a whole lot
Sycamore Creek is awesome- youth group is beginning to gel
– Moved into a new apartment over the weekend- 3 bedrooms instead of2
– Going to visit VA and MD over Thanksgiving. Very excited to see some friends and family

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Moon Bounce also a good idea.

Researchers in Britian have just released a study that says swearing at work can be beneficial to your health.  They say the taboo language can help build team unity and relieve stress.

Yeah, so does a moon bounce and a two hour afternoon nap, and I don’t even need to do a study…

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