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I am so tired…

– Had our first of two fundraiser car washes today- 8 students, 5 adults and one two year old named Addison helped
– Raised a decent amount to be split among the participating students- $28 per teen who helped with the car wash
– Thanks to JoJo’s Ice Cream for letting us use their place- You rock!  And I love your Ice Cream!
– Our next car wash is scheduled for Next Saturday, July 7th, 11am to 3pm at Bruster’s Ice Cream in Stafford
– I am a little tired and sore, so next week should be fun
– We did this as a free fundraiser (accepting donations) and we made $224
– Just goes to show you that you can still believe that their are good, giving people out there
– We had people give money and not even get their car washed (which is my favorite thing- no work, make money)
– I think I hear my recliner calling my name….Yep gotta run!


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t-shrt.jpgI understand a resealable bag of shredded cheese, or of dish detergent.  Even for snack, a resealable bag comes in handy.  But I think they may be taking this too far.

I just bought some plain T-shirts today, and they came two in a resealable bag.  Is this really necessary?  I mean, do you keep your shirts in the bag they come in?  Have you ever met anyone who does?  I usually like to take them out of the bag, iron them 😉 and then fold them back up and put themback in my resealable bag for safe-keeping.  That doesn’t even make sense.

 It makes you go “what are they thinking?”

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Don’t Just Think You’re Getting a Deal…

simplyorange.jpg Walmart is so convenient for me.  I can be from my door to the store in less than 5 minutes, now that’s convenient!  Addison and I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries tonight and I wanted to pick up some Simply Orange Juice.  But I didn’t.

Why you ask?  Because I bought some Simply Orange Juice at Giant on Monday for $2.50 and they wanted like 4 bucks at Wal-Mart.  Had I not bought that exact juice earlier this week I would have naturally thought it was a good deal. 

It is just these little things that make you want to check to see if you are getting a good deal.  Even if it is Wal-Mart!

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Compounding Emotions…

As if moving away from family and friends to a new church was not emotional enough, we really wanted to compound emotions as much as we can.  So Andrea and I sat around and just tried to think of ways that we could mess with people’s emotions.  No seriously that is not the way it happened.

But we found out in the last few weeks, that on or around January 29th, 2008, Andrea and I will be adding one to our family.  Andrea informed me Memorial Day Weekend that she is pregnant and we told my family on Father’s Day.  And so now I post it for the world to see.

Stay tuned for updates.  But another Stem will be joining the world. 

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Sad, Happy, Nervous, Excited…

We all have them.  God does something amazing in your life and you get so excited.  But as it happens, you get sad too.  Let me explain.  (Most of you who read my blog are already aware of this)

God has opened the door for Andrea and I to move to a new church and begin the next stage in our lives.  We have been in the process of interview for a student pastor position at Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio.  On Friday, June 15th, the pastor of SCC, Josh Remy, called and officially offered us the position.  We took the weekend and prayed it over, and on Monday I accepted the position.

Now here is the sad, happy, nervous, excited part.  Andrea and I have invested the last 4+ years with the students at LCC. And now we had to tell them that we are moving.  We love our teenagers, and this was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do (that is the sad part).  The happy part is that we met some of the students that we are going to be ministering to at SCC, and we already love them.  The nervous part is we put our house on the market on Thursday and need it to sell fast.  And the exciting part, we get to invest in a whole new group of teenagers.

So, God is doing something big in our lives, something we never expected (or planned) and we are Sad, Happy, Nervous, and Excited about it.

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It’s just one of those events…

lakeannapostcard.jpgAs a youth pastor, you plan certain events and your students just love them.  You know they like the event because they ask, “When are we going to do this again?” and they talk about it months later.  And this is just one of those events.

Lake Anna Block Party
Thursday, July 5th
9:00am to 5:00pm

I look forward to this event every year, and so do our students. 

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A True Team Effort

This Sunday, we will be unveiling our new church sign.  Being a portable church, our signs are slid in and out of the trailer every week.  After a while, they can look pretty rough (and it did).  So as a staff team, we got a new one. 

I give props to Josh for the design (It looks sweet).  Props to Steve for approving the money and receiving the shipment and doing his whole boss thing.  And I just finished the frame (I am a PVC master) and wanted to be the first to reveal the new, completed, and wicked-awesome church sign.

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