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A Christmas Story…

christmas-story.jpgCan’t wait for tonight!  Andrea and I are going to go to Pickerington High School North and check out their play, “A Christmas Story” based on one of the greatest classic movies of all time. 

I have heard that the plays over at North are off the chain, so I am gearing up for a near broadway production.  Plus I want to see what high schooler can pull off Ralphie as a kid!


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What if Mary had said “No”?

As I was preparing this weeks Cross Current talk, I just began to wonder.  What if when Gabriel came to Mary and told her what was going to happen, she said,. “No.”?  I mean, Mary knew she was a virgin, but how could she prove it to everyone else?  What would her family think?  What would Joseph think?

In hindsight, we see her as a woman of solid faith, of character, and humility. But what if she had thought about the consequences of obedience- the ridicule, the loneliness,- and had decided that she couldn’t handle it.

As I read Luke 1 it hit me, she had no guarantees with this situation.  God never told her that Joseph would be cool with it, God never told her that she wouldn’t be labeled an adulterer and possibly facing death, God never patted her on the back and said that everything was going to be all right.  The only thing she could cling to was knowing that God had found “favor” in her, and that God was faithful.

So what if Mary had said no? Would God have worked it out?  Yeah, but it is interesting to think about….

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YouTube can be Your Tube

Do you ever watch something on YouTube and wish you could download it to your computer?  I have seen videos that I think would work with a certain lesson, point or thought, but I could never find a way to get them on my computer so I could put them into a presentation…until now. is a site that allows you to plug in a youtube or other like video and it will transfer if to a wmv, mpeg4 or other video type.  Then you can dowload it to your computer.

And what’s better?  It’s free!  You should give it a try.

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Who’s the Guitar Hero Now?

This is sweet.  David Crowder rocks, and this is just so amazing.  Somehow they have configured a Guitar Hero videogame guitar to be used in a live concert.  Check it out!

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Traveling for Turkey…

The fam and I will be headed out this evening for Northern Virginia. Gonna split the driving time to give Andrea a travel break (that last part of pregnancy is tough) Addison is so excited to see her cousins (she has been asking for the last 5 days if we are leaving that day.)  Looking forward to a good time with family and friends.

This is such a great time of year, because:

1. You never get accused of overeating
2. You are expected to kick back and watch football on Turkey day
3. Dessert is a plenty, oh yeah!
4. Triptophan rocks (Bring on the nap!!!)
5. You can bust into Christmas music, very exciting
6. Snow is around the corner

What makes this a favorite time of year for you?

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Turkey Survey…

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to take a survey.  When we think of that bountiful meal that we get to enjoy on Thanksgiving, what comes to mind?  It is more than turkey.  it’s cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and so much more.

Every family has there own twist. So I want to know: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Mine would be Mashed Potatoes…

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Has Starbucks Peaked?

For the first time in Starbucks history, the company has seen a decline in the number of java junkies entering their stores.  In their fourth quarter report, they noted that the numbers have declined.  Are they worried?  Not likely.  It was a 1% decline…

Do you think it has anything to do with the $100 a gallon gas prices we are dealing with?

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