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Feliz Naviduk

Merry Christmas everybody! Or as Addison sings “Feliz Naviduk”

I hope your Christmas was as awesome as ours was!


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Sing this every day until you can remember all 10…

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Sing this everyday until you can remember all 10

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And you thought that commercial with the Christmas lights and music was cool…

You know those commercials with the Christmas lights that blink to music like Manheim Steamroller or Trans Siberian Orchestra?  That the lights are synchronized to the beat of the music?  This is way cooler.  How about 16 houses on one street in one neighborhood all synced to music that plays on a radio station that you can tune in while still in your car?  If you live in the Columbus area, you should go check it out.  Their website is

Here is a little video to wet your appetite!  We went tonight with Addison and it rocked- tons of songs, and millions of blinking lights!

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Santa Unwrapped

The discussion came up at my house the other day- when Santa comes to your house, does he bring wrapped presents or does he leave them unwrapped? 

I say that Santa doesn’t wrap your gifts, so that on Christmas Morning you walk down the stairs (or out the hallway or whatever) and you see those gifts waiting by the tree for you.  Andrea says that Santa wraps presents for you to open so that everyone else gets to see you open them with joy and gladness. Of course, both of these are based on how we did it at our houses growing up.

So I thought I would take a little survey- does Santa leave wrapped presents or unwrapped presents at your house?  Leave a comment…

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The Weekend Wrap Up

It was one of those crazy weekends we all have this time of year:

– Went to Andrea’s parents house Friday night for a Saturday morning breakfast with Santa.  Won’t do that again- it was terrible.  Santa was boring, the food was average
– Watched Addison and Ilona (niece) while Andrea and her mom did some shopping- the girls got under the tree and took some branches off – not good, but kind of funny!
– Sunday was crazy- morning service went well, good attendance in youth class
– Had youth band tryouts Sunday afternoon- good turnout, some skilled musicians, should make for a very nice band
– It is amazing the excitement that band tryouts brought!
– Sunday Night Cross Current- Elf Hockey (Very Fun), and then continued the series Christmas through the eyes of…Joseph.  Great time!
– Broke Mary- part of the nativity on stage (hit by a football), but it’s all good- Super lue works wonders and now Mary has both arms again.

See, I told you it was a crazy weekend!

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Snow is Cool, and more than just temperature

It has snowed twice in the last week her in the Columbus area.  And I gotta say, there really isn’t anything in nature as pretty as a blanket of white snow.  The way it sits on the tree limbs, the way it just makes everything look so pure.  It’s awesome.

There is nothing like it.  So enjoy it while you can!

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