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It’s started…

Black Friday.  When you hear those words, a little trigger goes off in your brain.  I don’t even have to tell you when it it, and you know.  And we each have a different mental picture of what Black Friday is. 

For some, it is sleeping in because you had turkey for breakfast (in an omelet of course), a full-on thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, etc and then polished off the day with a turkey sandwich while you watch some of the most lop-sided NFL games there ever were.  And the triptophan is working overtime to keep you in bed!  Go ahead and enjoy it!

For others, like my wife, it means getting up at 3:30am so she could be at Kohl’s by 4am when the doors opened for those crazy good sales. While other people think that is insane, she gets an adrenaline rush from the thrill of the challenge of finding the best deal ahead of time, then actually getting one of the 5 items they have in stock.  She gets a second dose of adrenaline when she comes home and figures out how much money she actually saved by doing it. I won’t say she is cheap, but very frugal with money (and I love it!!!)

But for others, like myself, Black Friday is not a day to sleep in (hey someone has to watch the kids!), not a day to go shopping (Yea I hate the mall normally.  It could make me go crazy on Black Friday!).  No it is officially the start of the Christmas Season.  And for nostalgia sake, this is the day that I start to listen to Christmas music (though I started a week early this year just so my daughter would enjoy it), the day that I get all the Christmas decorations out, and the day I put the tree up and string the lights on it!

And then of course, pound a few meals involving turkey as well…which leads to my other Black Friday tradition- A Nap!!!


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Ladders, Bumpers and Courteous Drivers

I am thankful for ladders, Bumpers and Courteous Drivers.  And this one is just from a few hours ago…

Today I cut out of work a little early hoping to spend some time with the family.  Andrea and the kids were at JC Penney waiting for Brayden’s 10 month picture appointment (yeah, we take a picture each month for the first year).  Since the holiday pictures always take longer, I had plenty of time to join them.

So we get the picture taken and wait to see it…15 minutes.  Because apparently their digital cameras are slower than the ones we have at home.  What is up with that?  Anyhow, we walked around the store, got Andrea’s dad a present, and then went back to the portrait studio to see the pics.  And of course, they were not ready.  Now we are dealing with our two kids and nap time! 

So being the great husband I am (once again, my blog my rules) I offer to switch cars and take the kids home for nap time so Andrea can stay to get the pics and hang out at the mall.  Shopping is kind of a hobby for her!

So as I almost reach home, Andrea calls to tell me she is just going to head home instead of hangin at the mall. So she heads home.  I pull into the garage and put the kids down for their naps.  And I get a phone call.

It’s Andrea- “Um I just got hit by a ladder that fell off of a truck!”  So, assuming she is ok and not realizing how rude it sounded, I asked, “How is the car?” (yea rude…I apologized already, many times). 

“Gee no I’m fine thanks for asking…”  I’m a jerk. “The car is driveable, doesn’t look like hardly any damage. I have to go and get the guys info, insurance, etc.”

The image I had was the ladder came through the windshield and the car is thrashed!  Well, Andrea got home and I get to check out the car, after hugging her and making sure she has survived intact, etc.

And it turns out, it’s not that bad…

So I am thankful for it being a small ladder, the bumper of my car for deflecting the ladder under the car instead of into the windshield, and I am thankful that the guy who lost the ladder stopped to take responsibility for the ladder that fell of his truck!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

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I am thankful for the noise “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” that was coming from my basement. Now the story-

Friday last week, I head to work about 11.  I stayed home in the morning for some family time since we had a youth activity that night.  So i get to work about 11 and at 11;20 I get a phone call from my wife, Andrea. 

“There is a terrible high pitch noise from the basement and I am about to go insane.  I can’t figure it out and I need you to come home.” Oh, and she wasn’t feeling good to begin with…

“Yes, dear. I’ll be right home.” (Hey I’m writing the story so I have freedom to edit…)

So I head home and head to the basement to figure out where this noise is coming from.  Our basement is unfinished so its concrete walls and the floor above.  So I track the noise down to one corner area of the basement.  As I am banging on vents and things to find out where the noise is coming from.  And I see that the wires from the security keypad are attached to some sort of transformer.  So this has to be it. So I disconnect the wires…sound still going on.  I go over to the breaker box and shut off all the breakers that are for the basement area. 

The sound goes away.

So I kiss my wife and go back to work.  At 1:30, i get a text from my wife, “It’s back”.  So I tell her to call somebody since I obviously have no idea what I am doing.  So she call the security keypad manufacturer.  Awwesome.  They tell her that it sounds like the battery in the system is dead, which is why we here the buzzing sound.  She can’t find the battery.

So I run back home.  I am looking through our entire house looking for this battery case.  No luck.  So I call the fire department for help.  They suggest I call our electric company…so I did.  It’s not their security system so they have no idea.  So now I call Andrea’s cousin who works with this kind of stuff.  It’s now pushing 3:00pm and I am getting frustrated.  Through the process, I begin shutting off every breaker to our house…basically killing all electricity to our home.  And…its still there.

So I turn the electricity back on and Andrea’s cousin says to me, “Are you sure it is not a toy?” (Do you see where I am going?)

So I tell Andrea and she says to me, “Go down stairs and check the toy microwave.”

I run to the basement and sure enough the microwave door is crack just a little and I hear “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”.

Now to make you understand that I am not a total moron, Addison’s little kitchen (where the microwave was) is located directly below where the security keypad wires are.

So I spent about 2 and a half hours of my day beating on my basement because her microwave was going “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”.

I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh, cry or get mad.  Either way, I know that the next time I am home by myself, there is a microwave that is going to be finding the trash can.

So I am thankful for “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” because:
1. It means that we can all hear
2. It wasn’t what I thought it was
3. It reminded me how thankful we should be for our home…that doesn’t make noise!
4. It means my daughter has toys to play with…but will be one toy short soon
5. It means the toy popcorn was all done!

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TV, Dental Floss, The Dentist, and a Overzealous tooth-brushing wife

From today until Thanksgiving, I am going to post at least one thing I am thankful for each day.  But it’s not going to be family, or my house or those typical list you get.  I want to come at it from a different perspective.  So I am going to list unusual things that I am thankful for…

I am thankful for TV, dental floss, the dentist and a overzealous tooth-brushing wife!  Now let me explain…

I hate flossing!  My wife on the other hand, is a mouth freak.  She brushes her teeth every time she breathes (ok not really but she does brush her teeth a lot).  She flosses all the time.  And what is more annoying, she has perfect teeth- no cavities, no braces needed…blah blah blah. 

So my wife is watching tv during one of the kids naps and see something about plaque on your teeth can lead to heart disease.  And then her dentist tells her that flossing is the single most important thing you can do for your mouth…more important than brushing your teeth!

So she decided to share this with me.  One Night while we are getting ready for bed. I brush my teeth and hop in to bed.  Andrea says to me. “Aren’t you going to floss?” I say, “No”  And she said, “That’s fine, just die of a heart attack and leave your kids with no daddy and me with no husband.”  I’m like, “Huh, What?”

And then she proceeds to scold me for not flossing because plaque in your mouth can travel to your heart, thus causing heart disease, and apparently according to her, impending death at any moment. 

So I have been flossing every night…because I am thankful for TV, dental Floss, the dentist and my overzealous tooth-brushing wife!

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I beat Michael Jordan One on One

Ok, not me.  But that must be what CEO John Rogers feels like saying every time he steps onto a basketball court. 

It happened in February at Michael Jordan’s “Flight School” in Las Vegas.  By looking at the crowd in the video, it is obviously a high-end type of camp that only those with money can afford to go to.  Just look at the crowd!

And finally there is video to show how it went down- (Be Sure to watch it until the end- Damon Wayans is hilarious!)

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Every Youth Pastor Understands….

Sometimes it seems like a thankless job, but, well, just watch the video!

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Putting the Gift in Gift Card

targetcamAs we get older, it seems like the most common gift we get at Christmas is gift cards.  I don’t know if it is because we are too hard to buy for, or people are too busy or if they are just too lazy.  But it seems like once you hit the teen years, gift cards become the norm.

So what if the Gift card that is the norm is no longer just a gift card, but a gift as well?

Target has unveiled a gift card that doubles as a digital camera.  Yeah, that’s right a camera!  Now quality would be your first concern, right.  But Target is that the quality is on par with most camera phones- it’s 1.2mp.

But hey it comes with a usb cable, software and a voucher for 40 free photo prints at Target.  So even if the camera is crappy, you get free pics out of the deal!  Check it out!

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