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Hide and Seek with Addison just got harder…

So we were playing hide n seek tonight with Addison, and it just got so much harder. After hiding in the usual places, the closet, under the desk, in the bathroom, she (with the help of mommy) figured out that she fits in the kitchen cabinet. So now I am sure that one day we will come downstairs to find her in the cabinet. But it gets better!
So we keep playing, I go hide in the garage, she finds me, etc. Then she did this…


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Brayden Laughing…

Ah, having a 3 month old is awesome!  He is beginning to learn to laugh…and we finally got it on video!  Check it out!(Sorry for my loud fake laughing, it’s what works to get him laughing)

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The new standard for elementary keyboard recitals

This girl rocks!!!

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Starting to Stress a little bit…

Ok, as most of you know, we moved to Ohio about 9 months ago.  Our house in Virginia is being rented out by a family from our last church.  it was amazing how God worked that out.  So our mortgage has been covered for the house and it has worked out.

Well, we have been living in an apartment for the last 9 months, with the intentions of selling our home in VA and buying one here.  Problem:  The market in Virginia right now sucks!!!! So we may not sell, and even if we do, we may not make any money so it won’t help us either.

So to say the least I am starting to stress a little.  So I am posting this as my little online prayer to God:  Give me wisdom to make the right choice with our house, and help us to find a home we can afford here in Ohio in the process!


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Heading to the ballpark

Got four free box seats to tonights Astros vs. Reds game in Cincinnati.  Heading out at 5.  Hopefully it’ll be a good game!!!

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Today is Earth day…so do something nice!

Maybe you could give the earth a hug today?  or maybe you can plant a tree, a flower, something.  Or maybe you can just consume less oxygen (in other words, breathe less!)  Or maybe when you are at Wal-mart today, and you see all the trash blowing through the parking lot, you could pick some up on your way in the store.  I know crazy, right?

Today is earth day, and before you think it, know that I am not a radical environmentalist who like to hug trees or in turn chain myself to them for weird reasons.  But I do think that God has given us this earth and we should at least try to take care of it.  So if nothing else…do a little for the earth today!

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A trampoline, a basketball hoop and a short guy…

What a classic combination for disaster!!!

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