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If at any time between services your fluids should get low…

I took my wife’s van to Jiffy Lube today to get the oil changed and I asked the young lady at the counter how many times a day she has to give her little ditty about the oil change (you know what it is, you hear every time).  She said it to me with that monotone “I say this a thousand times a day” voice.  She said that if she doesn’t say it to every person, it costs her money.  I understand how hard it is to put excitement into a memorized statement that you have to say hundreds of times a day.

 But it got me thinking: Do I ever talk to people that way?  As a Christian, I should love people and care about them.  But do I ever feel like just going through the motions and not putting any effort into it?  Ashamed, I have to say yes I have done that.  And I bet it came across just like the Jiffy Lube statement made to me today.

Don’t let being a Christian everyday turn you into an Everyday Christian!


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Fun, Fun, Injury, Fun

That basically sums up our “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That” Activity Saturday Night.  It was awesome.  The students were amped up from the beginning to the end…and we crammed about 20 games into 3 hours. Talk about Crazy!  From Alka Seltzer Pop Off to Inflatable Bat floor hockey to Eat Dat Thing, we did a little bit of everything. (I will post some pictures as soon as I get them downloaded)  It was fast paced, exciting daring and dangerous.   So fun, fun, injury (one of the students rode a skateboard head first into the bleachers) and more fun. 

You know it is a good activity when students say, “We should do this every week!”  And after two night to ponder that statement, I have to say…They must be crazy!  I’m still tired.

 But it was all worth it!  I let you know what our next activity is soon so you can check it out

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Diaper Dodgeball and Skateboard Bowling

Picture yourself lying on your stomach on a skateboard, with a helmet on your head (Kids, always wear a helmet) screaming down a lane at giant bowling pins!  Yeah, you my friend are a human bowling bowl!

Tomorrow night our youth ministry has an event planned called “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That!” (Click Here for the info) and it is going to rock.  Our entire mission is this: When you leave, we want to hear you say, “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That!”

I will be sure to post some pictures!

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Religion is good for kids…you think?

For many generations, families went to church.  And the kids complained.  Now more families don’t attend church regularly and the kids are missing out.  Is Religion good for kids? I think so.  As a student pastor, I see firsthand how true that is. A study was recently done at Mississippi State University that compared families with regular church attendance and faith to families without regular church attendance and faith.  And the conclusion: Families who regularly attended church and regularly talked with their children about religion have better balanced children than those who did not attend church or discuss religion in their home. You can click here to read the article

 Maybe it’s time for more families to get active in church.  After all, it’s for the kids!

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Civilized or Barbarian?

barbarianway.jpg   This morning, I just started reading Erwin Mcmanus’ book, “The Barbarian Way”.  I am through the first chapter and can’t wait to read more.  McManus gives you so many things to think about, which is awesome.  In fact I think  I am going to go read some more.  I’m sure I will post more about it.

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Everybody wants a souvenir

Yesterday we went to the National Zoo in DC.  If you ever have the chance to do that, I recommend it.  We had a good time.  Our two year old daughter was so excited (I know so because she kept saying, “I’m so excited” as we went through the zoo) to watch the elephants get a bath and see the lion eat his lunch.  It was a great day of family time.  At the end of the day, I bought my daughter and my niece (who was with us) a little souvenir panda purse and it got me thinking about a true story that I had heard about a little boy and his zoo trip: (places have been omitted to protect the innocent…and the zoo)

A mother took her 5 year old son to the zoo.  It was a great day.  They had fun all day looking at the giraffes, the seals and the tigers.  They decided to go see the penguins.  As they were standing at the penguin exhibit, the mom looked down at her son…he was nowhere to be found.  He was right there a minute ago, standing right beside her and now he is nowhere to be seen.  She starts to panic, “O know, someone stole my son”, “He got lost” and all kinds of other thoughts go through her head.  She looks back down at the spot where he was supposed to be and…he is standing right there.  He wasn’t there a minute ago and now he is standing right next to her.  She says to him, “That’s it. We’re done.  I have had enough excitement for one day. Let’s go home.” As her heart rate returned to normal, they went home.  As they were sitting at the table, she couldn’t help but notice that her son smelled like fish. “you stink, go upstairs and take a bath.” She said.  “Okay Mom!” said the little boy.

As she was cleaning up dinner, she thought it might be a good idea to check on her son in the bath.  She walks up the stairs, she hears splashing.  She opens the door to the bathroom and starts to scream.  There in the bath tub, with the little boy, is a real life penguin.  Apparently, that is where the little boy went.  He found a way to get into the penguin exhibit and he put this little penguin in his backpack and took it home.  SHe doesn’t know what to do, so she calls the zoo and they send a team to come and transport the penguin back to the zoo.  No charges filed, in fact it didn’t make it on the news either (the zoo doesn’t want people trying to figure out how to steal a penguin). 

The moral of the story: Always pay for your souvenirs.  They don’t smell like fish!

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The place: Westminster, MD.  The time: 2pm.  The smell:  Burning rubber and smoke.

We have all been there. For us it was last Saturday.  We went to a birthday party for our niece and on the way home, our van starts smoking and smelling like burning rubber.  So we pulled into a gas station and popped the hood.  It was the compressor for our air conditioning.  And the bill: $994.88.  Not to make the van run better, or get better gas mileage (like 5 miles to the dollar), but it is just a modern convenience.  Think about it.  How many of you are thinking to yourself, “No air conditioning, how dreadful!  That must have been awful!  I would hate that!” 

I think we just need reminders every once in a while about the cost of convenience.  And the bill: $994.88.

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