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A great breakfast…

I am looking forward to experiencing my first men’s breakfast here at SCC since we moved here.  All I have heard from other men is that I will not be disappointed with the vast array of manly breakfast choices (no pastries or foo-foo muffins at this event apparently).  SO I can’t wait to get my grub on!!!

And here is what excites me most- It’s not until 8:30am.  Unlike some other crazy people (you know who you are) that meet at 7:30am, people here seem to value sleep a little more.  And I like it!


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Bragging on my daughter…

I know I have been posting all kinds of  pictures of my kids recently, but here is another set.  I always thought my daughter was a beautiful little girl…but now I have evidence to back it up.  Tell me that these pictures are not gorgeous…

After looking at these pictures I am beginning to understand this song….

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Odd Conversations about Fairy Tales

Let me start by asking this question- Do you know of any fairy tale involving a talking donkey (except the move Shrek)? This is where our conversation started.

In the movie, the king has banished all fairy tale creatures, so you see pinnochio, tinkerbell, snow white, the gingerbread man, the three little pigs and others in in the movie.  And it is pretty easy to figure out which story they came from.  I mean, the wolf in the bed is from Little Red Riding hood, no brainer.  But for the life of me, I can not think of a fairy tale with a talking donkey.

Is there one?  There is only one place that I can think of that has a talking donkey.  And that would be Numbers 22 in the Bible.  Which is interesting because they have donkey as a fairy tale creature.  Which would by default mean that they think the Bible is a fairy tale book, right? Or maybe they just needed a talkign animal and just happened to choose a donkey. Who knows?

Not trying to say that you should ban the movies or anything, but I just thought this was an interesting point.  If you know of a movie with a talking donkey, let me know. But I thought it was pretty interesting to think about.

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Cutting the Cheese not cutting it for the NFL

Apparently this commercial was suppose to air during the Super Bowl this year.  And apparently the NFL did not allow it.  Before you watch it, think about everything else they let on TV. 

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Our Day…on Ice

Ok, we weren’t the ones on ice.  But there was ice involved.  We had a great time at Nationwide Arena for Disney on Ice: Princess Classics.  From the moment it started to the moment it stopped, I don’t think Addison blinked once.  But she did manage to gulp down a $10 sno-cone, a $10 bag of cotton candy and helped us tackle a bucket of popcorn.

She had a blast…along with the other 10,000 little girls at the arena.  So I thought I would share some of the pics of the day with ya…

Aw, doesn’t addison look happy (she doesn’t want to smile for stranger 🙂
Here are the hosts- Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Check out Cinderella’s castle…on ice!
Here is the excited Addison after the event
And if words and pictures don’t suffice, check ou thte video of the ending…

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How do you get caught cheating and make $750,000

Kelvin Sampson did.  Somehow, he was able to get hired at Indiana University after being accused of recruiting violations at Oklahoma (should have been the first warning), then is accused of 5 major violations at Indiana, including making inappropriate recruiting calls, and then is able to get Indiana to pay him $750,000 just to leave the school. 

So the way I read it is that if you can get a team to win, you cheat and get caught, that schools have so much money to pay you 3/4 of a million dollars just to go away.

Of course, the total results have not been revealed, but my guess is he did make inappropriate phone calls like he did at Oklahoma.  And so my question is why does Indiana have to pay him off?

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A day with the Princesses

addy-headphones-small.jpgAddison woke up this morning and the first question out of her mouth, “Are we going to see the princesses today?”  Today we are taking Addison to Disney on Ice: Princess Classics.  There are going to be a bunch of different Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, etc.

For the last few days, every time she sees the commercials for Disney on Ice, she screams, “we’re going there on Saturday, I so becited (That’s 3 year old for excited). So today is the day.  But here is a pic of Addison in her cinderella dress for you (taken about a week ago- when she is home she is either wearing the cinderella dress or her tutu.)

I’ll post some pics later of us at the event.

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