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Youth Pastors have a target on them…

scott-welts-1.JPGJust got back from paintball with my students.  We had a blast. But I’m a little sore.  As the youth pastor, you have that big target on you for everyone to hit you.  And it worked.

 I was getting shot at by all 21 students (I think my team may have shot me)

                                  But we had a blast!


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Finally Something is on TV….The Office Season Premier

Tonight at 9pm, the one hour season premier of the Office…I love this show

Here is a classic clip for old time’s sake

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I still don’t like getting up early

Got up this morning to go join students for See You at the Pole.  It is a gorgeous day and you couldn’t ask for more than that.  There were about 50 students gathered around the flag pole at Pickerington North High School by the time we finished praying.  It is so encouraging to see Students willing to take a stand and praying for their school.

I hope it grows next year. Maybe I will like gettting up early then…

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Why am I twitching so much?

You know when you are young, you can make anything into a hobby.  I hav 3 guys in my youth group that have started to collect energy drink cans.  Their goal is to collect as many different cans as they can.  So far, they are doing really well.  They have about 75 cans currently.

Now the bad news is that their kidney are shot from drinking that many energy drinks (just kidding) and they have developed this weird twitch….

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Its a…

So today was the day that Andrea, Addison, and I went to the doctor to have an ultrasound to find out what we were having- a boy or a girl.  We knew going in that it was only one baby so that was good.

Anyway, we had prepped Addison that she was going to see the baby today.  But we also had to explain that it would not be a real good picture or that the baby would come out to see her or anything like that.  I think she understood.  So it was a good time.

And I’m sitting in the doctors waiting room and this little tv is playing interesting tips about babies, etc. and this tip comes up, “Ultrasounds are safe in a medical environment for medical reasons!”  And it made me think, are there people out on the streets giving ultrasounds for non-medical reasons?  I just picture this dude on the street corner, “Psst, hey buddy, what you need?  Rolex, drugs, maybe I could interest you in an ultrasound?”   I mean seriously.  Does that happen?

So we are in the waiting room and Addison is asking all these questions…What is that for?  I want a baby, etc… Oh, yeah we are having a boy!  The ultrasound lady was about 85% sure that we are having a boy. I just thought I would post a lot of stuff so you had to read through it just to find out what we were having.  And if you are still reading, you must have been really intrigued by the story, because I already told you what we were having…

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Addison’s ABC Adventure

I guess Andrea created this adventure with Addison this morning.  She sent it to me and it was really cool.  Thought that maybe some of you would like to see it. 

Click Here for Addison’s ABC Adventure

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Survey Says…

This Friday, Andrea , Addison and I will be going to the doctor and finding out whether we are having a boy or a girl.  Very Exciting! While this a debatable topic, whether it should be a surprise at birth or not, I thought it would be fun to take a survey of those who read the blog.

So leave a comment and tell us if you think we are having a boy or a girl…Then check back this Friday to find out if your were right!  Here is what we know so far:

– There is just one baby
– The baby is due January 29th
– All signs point to a healthy baby

I look forward to seeing who says what….

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