Extreme Week Wrap-Up

I know it has been a terrible summer for my blog.  I have so much on my mind that I want to put here, but I just haven’t had the time.  Ever feel like that?  Well hopefully when school gets cranked back up I will be able to devote more time to it.  But for now, I will post when I can.

We had our yearly Extreme Week lasst week and it was awesome.  With over 100 students from the Pickerington Area attending throughout the week, many of whom are students that go to our church but are not involved in youth ministry, I deem it a huge success (plus nobody had to go to the hospital this year, so yay!!!)

Anyway, I thought I would post the extreme week video here for you to see.  Since we did Extreme Week at night this year, we didn’t get as many awesome pics, but playing games at night was awesome!!!!  Enjoy the videos!  The first is pics from extreme week…and the second is a video of me swallowing a live goldfish from a bet Imade with our students.  Enjoy!!!



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World Changers 2009

Just got back Saturday from our trip to East St. Louis, Illinois.  The trip was great/terrible/annoying/awesome/cool all rolled into one.  But that is a story for another day.  Anyway, here is the video I put together from our trip. Enjoy!!!

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Amazing Bat Skills

I don’t know, I just thought this bat video was pretty cool!  This guy obviously has a skill set that most of us don’t.  If course if he was really good he would be playing in the majors…but it’s still entertaining to watch the bat!!!

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Summertime Blues

I absolutely love the summer!  As a parent, we can take the kids to the pool, spend nights outside, ride our bikes, go fishing, all kinds of good stuff.  We can even get sunburned together…what a great family time!

And as a youth guy, I love it too! There are so many opportunities and so much time for building relationships with my students.  You cna go to lunch, play golf, hang out at the skate park, play some frisbee golf, see your teens at the local pool, man it is awesome.

But the one thing I struggle with is what to do with my Sunday Night Cross Current program.  I mean, we meet every sunday night at 6pm but is that the most effective way to use the summer?  With vacations, family events and the church schedule, there may be some weeks where I wind up with a handful of students.

And I’ve heard the argument that you shouldn’t shut down for the summer, it’s a time to ramp up activity.  Apparently some people thinking stopping a “program” for the summer means stopping ministry as well.  I never want to stop ministry.  In fact, if I decide to shut down Cross Current sunday night for the summer, it would be partly because it would free up time for me to do more one-on-one relationship stuff with my students.

So I ask that anyone who reads this would pray that I can discern what God wants for this summer for the students at Sycamore Creek Church.

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My daughter can ride a bike…

It has been absolutely beautiful here the last few days. And that is good because we (and when I say we, i mean my wife Andrea is doing most of the work) are working with Addison, who is 4, teaching her how to ride a bike with no training wheels. I think she is doing ok!

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Human Bowling Cross Current Style

I’ve only done this once before, but this time no injuries (I’m still sorry ZAC!!!)

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Entertainment versus Teaching

It seems that in student ministry, you can always count on two types of teens to be at youth group:
1. The teens who have latched on to their faith and truly want to take the next step in their journey
2. The teens whose parents force them to come, whether they like it or not

You can always count on those two groups to be there.  But here’s the issue- that’s about 5% of the total youth in my church.  How do we get the other 95% to consider youth group as an option?  Well let’s think about it.

What is the number one reason teens in 7th -12th grade do anything?  To be entertained.  Like it or not we live in a society that has become so focused on self-entertainment that if it is not entertaining, students don’t want to do it. So obviously we have to find a way to make youth group entertaining enough to draw students in. 

But I struggle.  I would hate to think that the only reason a student comes to youth group is to be entertained.  I want to help them grow in their faith, grow in their relationship with Christ.  But maybe just getting them to come to youth group over the movies or the skate park, is one step in that direction….

So I struggle with the balance of Entertainment versus Teaching….

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