Teenager Jeans

torn-jeans-2So I come home from the church today early to spend time with my daughter. We play in the basement for a little while and then we start watching Ice Age.  We were laying on the couch, cuddling and I noticed she had a hole in the leg of her khaki pants.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that it wasn’t a tear or a hole that got caught on something.  And there were two holes in her pants. So I asked what happened?!

Apparently earlier in the day, Addison needed to cut something (yeah, it’s what you’re thinking!) so Andrea gave her the scissors.  I guess she thought she could cut her pants and not get in trouble.

So here is the kicker.  I asked Addison what she was thinking?!  She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Daddy I wanted pants like the teenagers!”


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