Done with the Dish

Today is a great day in my house.  When we moved into our home, we got set up with a DirecTV deal because they had an internet/tv bundle that was going to save us a bunch of money….

Wrong!  Apparently the internet they wanted to give us was designed for people who live in places where you have no other options for internet.  It involved putting a satellite dish on our roof…and it was crazy slow…like etch a sketch downloads.

We have been unhappy with DirecTV ever since we got it (No offense to anyone who works at DirecTV- I am sure there are some great highly qualified people there- we just didn’t get to talk to any of them!). 

And today, we are having AT&T Install U-Verse which is the fiber optic internet and cable…the same thing as Verizon Fios (in fact, they have a competitor agreement where they split up the country and AT&T does some parts and Verizon does others).  We loved the FIOS when we lived in VA so I am looking forward to watching a little TV when I get home!


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