Where does all their money come from?

I have been listening to sports radio and all the talk about the NFL draft that is coming up…and it hit me today-

All these guys have either left school early or have finished their senior season at their school, and now they are preparing for the NFL draft.  They are exercising and working out like crazy.  And then there are all those pro workout days that they do.  So my thought is…

Where are they getting money to live?  Who is paying their bills?  I can imagine that these guys go through shoes like crazy with all the workouts, and the clothes they wear can’t be cheap.  I mean seriously who pays their bills?

Must be an agent’s job.  But doesn’t that seam right does it?  I mean these guys can’t talk to agents when they are in college (that is a big NCAA no-no) and then all of a sudden they declare for the draft, and poof money flows.

I just think it is odd…that’s all I’m saying.


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