We played Sleeping Beauty…

sleepingbeautyThose words will now haunt me for the rest of my life.  Wednesday night we had a care group (small group, life group, whatever you want to call it).  So we have our study while one of the teens watches our kids and the host family’s kids in the basement of their home.  Care group went well, had a great time…until…

We get in the car to go home.  We are talking with Addison about whether she was a good girl or not.  We asked her what she did downstairs.  She said they played dress up (which is cool, she is 4 and has all the dresses you could ever want to play dress up, but that is another subject).  She said they played Sleeping Beauty.  Ah, that’s nice!  So we asked her who was the prince.  She said “Eli” (who is the little boy of the host family).  Cool.  At least I didn’t have to do it.  Addison of course was sleeping Beauty. 

Now you must know that Addison is a realist- she needs to recreate the movie as close to the original as possible.  So I continue…

We ask her what happened.  She tells us that she pricked her finger and fell asleep and Eli had to come and rescue her.  So Andrea asked her, “Did he come and rescue you?”  “Yeah”  “Did he have to kiss you (remember to recreate the movie…)  “Yeah” (So now I am tensing up…) “Where did he kiss you?  “On the lips”…WHAT!!!!  Then she proceeds to tell us that they played Sleeping Beauty 13 times….and I am the dad of the girl who just got kissed 13 times…and she is 4!!!

So maybe me and Eli will have a little talk…and we are throwing out any of her movies that have kissing in them…ok maybe not. 

But Sleeping Beauty will now be forever linked to my daughter’s first kiss…and second…and third…and thirteenth…


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