Are you tired of American Idol?

Listen, its not that I mind the singers, or the format, but this one thing keeps grating on me…

We watch the first live 2009 American Idol last night.  Some of the singers should have been stopped halfway through their songs because they sounded like, well….me.  And some of the signers just blew it out of the park (I liked the worship leader guy at the end…he represented the church well)

But here is the annoying thing that kept bugging me.  The contestants were given the Billboard Top 100 to sing from.  Now I know a little, very little about music but I do know that those songs on the Top 100 of all time are the songs that everybody knows, and can sing along to.

So I heard the contestants sing these songs, then the judges kept saying stuff like, “honey that song only belongs to one person…You should always steer clear of that song…Nobody should do the police” so I got annoyed.

You give these singers a list of the most popular songs sung by the most popular bands of all time, then tell them to steer clear of half of them.  Doesn’t that seem like a recipe for failure?

And so I am thinking if they just got rid of the judges (and stop adding more…anyone else notice that the new girl Kara just always agreed with Randy…come on get a thought of your own) and let the american public vote.


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