My beef with Christian bookstores…

I don’t know if any other youth pastor’s feel this way, but I have a beef with the local Christian bookstores.  I stopped by looking for a book on small groups- a very common, very popular book written by a certain youth guy from the Lake Forest, CA area- and I went to the youth section to see if they had it.  They didn’t. but that is when I noticed…

Teenagers and Youth Pastors get screwed when it comes to the amount of space and resources the Christian bookstore has.

Then I started looking around.  The women’s sections is like 4 bookcases long, the bibles take up three rows, the fiction section is huge, the section with offering envelopes and program paper is 3 bookcases long,  the children’s section has its own couches, and tv…and then there is the one bookcase that the youth share.  It’s got some children’s curriculum, some DVD’s on it, some books for youth pastors, and a couple books for teenagers.

So it irks me that youth pastors can never find what they want, or need.  I mean come on, Christian bookstore, it never looks good when I have a better chance getting the books I need at a local Books-a-million.

That’s my rant.  Here is my closing thought- When your bargain books section is larger than any other section in the store (especially youth), then you may have a problem.

Now I am off to Barnes and Noble to get a Starbucks…and my book!


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