Is the Super Bowl Fair?

I was sitting on the couch this past weekend watching the football games (which I thought were both great games by the way!) and I started thinking about the Super Bowl.  It is being played in Tampa this year, which is like the 7th or 8th time Tampa has hosted the game.  Detroit has hosted a few, but it made start to think…

With all the economic boost that the Super Bowl brings to a city like Tampa, is it fair that other NFL cities never get to host a Super Bowl?  I mean wouldn’t it be more fair if each city got to host a Super Bowl before a city gets a 2nd one? 

Plus, I don’t think it is fair to the cold-weather city NFL teams that they always have to go south to play in a warm environment.  Take for example, Super Bowl XLIII- Pittsburgh v. Arizona.  Who do you think is used to playing in weather similar to what it going to be in Tampa?  Arizona.  And whose game is probably better suited for a cold-weather game? Pittsburgh.  So, advantage for weather goes to Arizona.

So I think that gives us two options:

1. Rotate Cities for the Super Bowl so that each city gets to host a Super Bowl.  Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Tampas Bay Bucs and the Miami Dolphins play a Super Bowl in the frigid Lambeau Field in Green Bay?  Or Green Bay versus Chicago in Miami.
2.  Build a Stadium, hotels, and restaraunts in a non-NFL city and host the Super Bowl there every year.  There would be no home field advantage possibility, not as many kinks to work out each year, and it would be a 33rd city that would benefit financially from the NFL, and you could host other events (sporting, concerts, etc) and the Pro Bowl there.

Just my thoughts about the Super Bowl…


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