My self-injuring van

Ok so I told you that Andrea went out to the garage the other day to take the kids to the store, and she noticed that our back window in our van was shattered.  We had no idea how it happened- the window was fine when we were driving, and then somehow it broke in the garage.

So I had Safe-Lite come to the house on Saturday to repair it. It was actually the same repair guy as less than a month ago when we had to replace the front windshield.  I joked with him about a frequent customer discount.  Anyway, he starts to take the the shattered glass out, and that is when we discovered it- my van enjoys injuring itself.

As he was taking the glass out, he discovered that, (at least what we suspect), the windshield wiper motor for the back window was incredibly loose, and the vibration from that combined with the cold weather, could have very well cracked the back window.

After taking it out we discovered that the rubber bushings that hold the motor in (yea, not screws and nuts, just push in bushings- ridiculous!  I am thinking about sending Dodge the bill!) were dry rotted thus causing the motor to be loose.

So in the end I got new rubber bushings and fixed the motor, had the window replaced, and am thinking about registering my van for some self-infliction counseling!


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