I am never answering my phone again…

It started yesterday with a phone call from Andrea. She was crying hysterically, and I could barely understand her. As I deciphered the words between the sobs, it sounded something like this, “Addison cut her hair…you have to come home!” Yea, you read that right. My little 3 year old daughter decided she would play hair stylist and cut her own hair. So while mommy was in the shower, Addison went down to the kitchen drawer, got a pair of scissors, went back to her room where she was playing, got her stool and stood in front of her mirror and proceeded to cut her hair.
Andrea went into her room to check on her and they just both started crying, then she called me.

Today, I am headed out to a meeting and my phone rings. It’s Andrea. She was putting the kids in the van to go down to the store and get some medicine (she’s got this whole severe cold going on…). So she strapped the kids in and while she was doing that she just happened to look out the back window. She noticed that it looked like the window was dirty or icy (it has been snowing and all that here). But as she went back and looked closer she noticed that it wasn’t dirty…it was shattered. Yea, shattered, as in broken. So she gets the kids back out of the van (when she shuts the door half of the back window falls into the van), goes back in the house and that is when my phone rings.
And so I have decided to never answer my phone again!!!


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