Ok so Andrea does school work with Addison 4 days a week.  And Addison is quick(Don’t ask where she got her smarts…has to be from her mother!).  She knows all her letters, can write all her letters, knows the sounds for all the letters, so know they are working on phonics and sounding out words. Oh yeah, and Addison is still 3 so I told she was quick!

Anyway, Andrea was working the double “o” sound, you know like in boo, zoo, etc.  Well, Addison like I said knows all the letter and the sounds so she says “Poo!” And then realizes what she said, smiled at Andrea and said “POOP?!”

Andrea, never missing a teaching moment, says “No, poo!  What letter would you have to add to make it say POOP?”

Addison thinks for a minute and says “P”…and then she wrote it on a piece of paper.

So one of the first words Addison learned to spell on her own was “POOP”.  I have never been happier…


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