If Christmas Never Happened…

I was working on the christmas series for youth group over the last few weeks and I kept coming back to this question- “What if Christmas had never happened?”  What if that first Christmas morning never happened? 

It could have happened.  I mean, Mary could have been like , Thanks but no thanks! (or to rock your world, what if Mary wasn’t the first person God went to? What if the first person said no and Mary then said yes?)  Jesus could have decided He didn’t want to go to Earth- He had that right, He is God! 

So we talked about it Sunday Night in youth group.  We looked at the spiritual and social things that would be different.  Here is a little taste of what we came up with…

Social Differences
– Our Calendar would be different- It would be like year 5768 or somethin
– The holidays would be different
– There would be no gifts- I mean the whole gift thing started with Jesus, remember?
– There would be less charities- most were started by Christian organizations or Christian people
– Relationships would change- what’s the basis of relationships for you right now.  It would change

Religious Differences
– No Hope- see Ephesians 2:12
– No Freedom- read the Old Testament- check out Leviticus 19:19 and 19:27- we would be following all these rules
– No Peace- internally there would be none.  Externally it would be even worse than it is one
– No Death of Jesus- with no birth there would be no death
– No Christians- see above
– No Holy Spirit

Yeah, so life would be different…if Christmas never Happened!


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