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I am working on my Christmas Series for youth group and want to survey people who read my blog.  The series is called “Xmas: Christmas without Christ”

The original idea is to help students understand that Christmas (with Christ) affects their lives in more ways than we can imagine.  And that it affects it everyday of their lives not just during the Christmas season.

So I have come up with a small list of ways that Christmas without Christ would affect our everyday lives.  And so if you could take a moment and read through the list and then leave a comment with any other ways that Christmas without Christ would affect our daliy lives, I would appreciate it. (I have excluded the obvious ‘there would be no Christmas or Easter’ so don’t say that)

Christmas without Christ-
1. Religion would be different
2. Personal Relationships would be different
3. There would be no gifts
4. No hope for the future
5. The Calendar would look different
6. Internal Peace would be missing

So help me out.  How would Christmas be different without Christ?


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  1. The ONLY reasons for celebrating Christmas would be selfish ones. Spending lots of time and money on spreading only temporary and material joys. These things are great, don’t get me wrong, but they leave a person empty. They will fade, rust, and last for such a short time. Christ gives us an ETERNAL reason to celebrate.

    PS – Although I rarely comment, I enjoy reading your blog! Love seeing pics of the kids and often get a laugh out of the stories/vid’s. I keep telling my husband you 2 would get along well!

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