Ladders, Bumpers and Courteous Drivers

I am thankful for ladders, Bumpers and Courteous Drivers.  And this one is just from a few hours ago…

Today I cut out of work a little early hoping to spend some time with the family.  Andrea and the kids were at JC Penney waiting for Brayden’s 10 month picture appointment (yeah, we take a picture each month for the first year).  Since the holiday pictures always take longer, I had plenty of time to join them.

So we get the picture taken and wait to see it…15 minutes.  Because apparently their digital cameras are slower than the ones we have at home.  What is up with that?  Anyhow, we walked around the store, got Andrea’s dad a present, and then went back to the portrait studio to see the pics.  And of course, they were not ready.  Now we are dealing with our two kids and nap time! 

So being the great husband I am (once again, my blog my rules) I offer to switch cars and take the kids home for nap time so Andrea can stay to get the pics and hang out at the mall.  Shopping is kind of a hobby for her!

So as I almost reach home, Andrea calls to tell me she is just going to head home instead of hangin at the mall. So she heads home.  I pull into the garage and put the kids down for their naps.  And I get a phone call.

It’s Andrea- “Um I just got hit by a ladder that fell off of a truck!”  So, assuming she is ok and not realizing how rude it sounded, I asked, “How is the car?” (yea rude…I apologized already, many times). 

“Gee no I’m fine thanks for asking…”  I’m a jerk. “The car is driveable, doesn’t look like hardly any damage. I have to go and get the guys info, insurance, etc.”

The image I had was the ladder came through the windshield and the car is thrashed!  Well, Andrea got home and I get to check out the car, after hugging her and making sure she has survived intact, etc.

And it turns out, it’s not that bad…

So I am thankful for it being a small ladder, the bumper of my car for deflecting the ladder under the car instead of into the windshield, and I am thankful that the guy who lost the ladder stopped to take responsibility for the ladder that fell of his truck!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!


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