Putting the Gift in Gift Card

targetcamAs we get older, it seems like the most common gift we get at Christmas is gift cards.  I don’t know if it is because we are too hard to buy for, or people are too busy or if they are just too lazy.  But it seems like once you hit the teen years, gift cards become the norm.

So what if the Gift card that is the norm is no longer just a gift card, but a gift as well?

Target has unveiled a gift card that doubles as a digital camera.  Yeah, that’s right a camera!  Now quality would be your first concern, right.  But Target is that the quality is on par with most camera phones- it’s 1.2mp.

But hey it comes with a usb cable, software and a voucher for 40 free photo prints at Target.  So even if the camera is crappy, you get free pics out of the deal!  Check it out!


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