Inventions that seem Unnecessary…

This has been bugging me for a little while now.  First I want you to look at this advertisment for a Lighted Ear Wax Remover…then scroll down and get my thoughts…

lighted-ear-wax-removerLighted Ear Wax Remover

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!

Just turn on the switch and the LED lamp on the tip lights the ear canal for easy viewing of ear wax.
  • Sturdy cup on tip allows for easy removal
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to clean

Now my thoughts…

Correct me if I am wrong but your ears are on the side of your head, right?  So no matter how you turn, you can not look directly into your ear right?  So then why do you need a light on a glorified q-tip?

Are you having someone else remove ear wax from your ear and just wanted to get them the perfect gift to help with that? 
Are you stuck in a mineshaft with no light and all of a sudden you think, “if i just had some light I could clean out my ear wax right now!”

This seems like it is a predecessor to the newest invention, the “straighten out your ear canal so your ear wax will fall right out” tool…


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