I have a Question…

Ok, so I wanted to try something a little different.  As a youth pastor, you always want to teach on issues that are relevant to teen lives.  You want to teach things that will engage their brains, challenge their faith, and make them step outside of the little box they call “Christianity” and grow in their relationship with Christ.  And so we read, research teen trends, interests, etc.  to find creative and new ways to bring the Bible alive to a group of students.

So here is what I am trying. I started a series called, “If i could ask God one Question…” and during our last series I had notecards and a basket for student to write out anonymously any question that they would like to ask God.  And for the last three weeks we have looked at the Bible to figure out what God’s answer would be…

And it’s kickin’ my butt.  I knew teenagers had some questions about their faith, but what I found was that a lot of their questions are not so much black and white, cut and dry.

Here are some of the questions that our students would like to ask God:

1. Why do some parents not love their kids? (This one makes me want to cry)
2. Why did you bring us into this world if you knew bad things could happen?
3. Are you really listening?
4. Why is it a sin to have premarital sex?  (not is it a sin, but Why?)
5. Why did you let the holocaust happen?
6. Can Satan know my thoughts?
7. Why do we have mosquitoes?
8. Who invented swear words? And who decides what is or is not a swear word?

I have a lot more questions.  And here is what I discovered…not many of them have an easy answer.  Almost all of them involve faith in what we know about God. 

But it has been a great series, and I am sure it is going to continue to be.  Not because I am doing it (in fact, that could be the one thing that holds this back) but because we are getting students to think about the questions they have and to discuss them

If you are a youth pastor, try this, but be prepared for a lot of research for the answers…


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