I hate my Church…

Ok, no not me.  I love my church.  But I have been thinking about the statement in the title for about a week now.

I would say over the last month, I have heard a bunch of different people (Friends, college buddies, family) talk about how much they don’t like their church.  I feel pretty qualified to help out on this since I grew up in a church that I “disliked” very much.  So I want to offer a suggestion-

LEAVE!  I mean if you really don’t like your church, leave.  Most times when someone is complaining about their church it comes down to one thing: style.  If you had doctrinal issues, you shouldn’t be at that church in the first place.  So usually it comes down to style!

And so I suggest you leave, for a couple of reasons:

1. If you hate your church, there is a bigger chance of you not going to your church.  I mean, I hate going to the dentist, so I avoid the dentist’s office.

2. If you hate your church, you probably are going to sit there during the service thinking about how you hate the church and you will totally miss what God has for you that day.

3. If you hate your church, then you obviously are not going to invite your friends to attend your church.  And if you are not going to invite your friends to your church, there is a pretty good chance that you are not going to be sharing your faith with them, thus making your impact on the world as a Christ-follower.

4. If you hate your church, there is a pretty good chance that they know it and are not very fond of you.  Trust me, church staff know when you don’t like the church.

So there, if you don’t like your church leave!!!  ANd find a church that suits your style and doctrine.  But don’t expect a perfect church…cause there is none! 

Oh, yea, and stop whining!!!



  1. skippy said

    … but I’m the pastor!

  2. John Doe said

    I dislike my church very much and have always stayed because of how many years I’ve attended the services and whatnot. This entry clearly gave me great advice.

  3. Meag said

    Easier said than done. 1) I work their part time and am having issues finding another job (everyone seems to be looking for the same jobs I am)
    2) My pastor keeps telling me we are “on the verge of something big” and I need to wait it out… that has been for the past year. 3) There are people there I LOVE dearly and the thought of starting over with new people is a hard thing.
    I’m working on the leaving part, but give us a little break, it isn’t that easy. 🙂 And be grateful you have a church you love; there are a lot of Christians out there hurting other Christians. No wonder the world doesn’t want to be like us.

  4. Mike said

    Yeah – what IF you are the pastor?
    I’m reminded of advice my pastor gave me when I first told her that I thought God was calling me to be a pastor.
    “You have to be in love with Jesus Christ more than anything else.”
    And whenever I’ve felt those feelings towards my church – resentment, frustration, even anger – I’m reminded that it’s not about them. What I do and am is supposed to be about Jesus – that’s it.
    So again – the problem isn’t my church. It’s me.
    Which is what my church seems to think too….

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