My political thoughts for today…

I can’t wait for 19 days from today.  That’s the day that all the political ads and the presidential campaigns are over.  And so as I am sitting here watching the last debate and I am having these thoughts….

– Do either of these candidates have any idea what they are doing?

– Why does John McCain always look annoyed?

– Why does Barack Obama always talk in steps – Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…

– Why are there just two political parties?  Doesn’t it make sense to think that if we had more candidates we could have a better choice?

– Has any president actually been able to keep their promises?

– Why are the debates so boring?

– Do these guys always wear suits?  Would the debate be less boring if they were wearing hawaiian shirts sippin on lemonade?

– Why do we care more about the Presidency than we do about our local senators and congresspersons?

– Would it be more fun if they let the candidates wives’ debate as well?

Just some of my thoughts…


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