I’m not very political…

Ok, is anyone else like and can’t wait for the election to come so all the talk can be over?  I mean, it seems like we get nowhere with the debates or the campaign ads.  Does anyone really know what Obama or McCain are going to do to fix the economy?

And these debates, oh my word, are like an upscaled kindergarten fight- nuh-huh, you said, you’r a poop poo head, – aren’t you just sick of it?

Here are some of my thoughts about these debates:

1. Last night, they had two minutes to talk.  And they both continuted to go over (Sorry Tom Brokaw, you tried, but they get paid to talk). 

My Solution:
At the 2 minute mark, shut off their mic.  Time issue resolved!  Rude, yes, but so is not respecting the rules that they agreed to before the debate.

2. Does anybody else see that both politicians spend most of the time during the debate talking about what the other one said?  Don’t you just want to hear what they are going to do if elected?

My Solution:
Instead of having both candidates out at one time, have one go first (by coin flip since that is the popular way apparently, or paper, rock scissors) and answer a set group of questions.  While they are doing that, the other candidate will be in a sound proof booth where they can not hear the questions or the answers.  Then they reverse positions.  The first candidate goes in the booth while the second candidate answers the same group of questions that the first candidate answered.  And since neither can hear what the other said, they have to give you their answer instead of trying to point out what the other guys said that was wrong.

3. If you watched the debate last night, Tom Brokaw had one question where he said it was a yes or no answer.  And neither candidate answered with yes or no.

My Solution:
See Suggestion #2

And besides, the media is going to beat everything they said to death, so you will get plenty of the he said, he said rhetoric that we hear now!


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