I love this time of year…

I just love the fall.  For a lot of reasons-

1. School is back in session- As a youth pastor, nothing says normalcy like school going back in session.  Students get back in to a routine and a lot of times that means coming back to youth group.  Plus, when students see each other, it is an opportunity for ministry.  I love it!

2. Nature- I don’t know that there is a prettier time of year.  The colors of the leaves begin to change, the sky seems to be bluer, the evenings are crisp and cool.  You can shut off the A/C at the house and save money.  I think winter would be just as pretty is we never plowed the roads.  When all that black snow gets piled up on the side of the road, not pretty…

3. Season Premiere- It’s this time of year that all the new shows are coming out, and your favorites are airing new episodes.  Let’s see I have watched a new episode of House this week, caught Knight Rider last night (mixed reviews, we’ll have to see) and the Office is coming up this week.

Now if I just had a fire pit for my back patio, it would be perfect!!!


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