Am I a Moses?

When you think of Moses, what comes to mind?  Burning Bush, Parting the Red Sea, “Pharoah, Pharoah, oh baby let my people go…”, Rock Water…yea so did I. 

But I’ve been going through Moses’ life with a few guys from my youth group, and my view of Moses has been changing (It will probably change a few more times during this study).  I mean look at the burning bush story:  Moses sees the burning bush, has an encounter with the living God, God tells Moses what he wants him to do, and Moses makes an excuse why he can’t 5 different times (don’t believe me?  Check out exodus 3-4). 

Yet, Moses still did what God wanted him to do.  So it makes me ask myself, Am I a Moses?  First am I doing what God wants me to do?  If so, do I complain to God and make excuses why it won’t work.  What’s funny is God had an answer for everyone on Moses’ complaints (seriously, do you think it was a chance encounter that Aaron was walking to meet Moses at the exact time that Moses complained about being a poor public speaker? If so you need to get your head checked…). Why didn’t he just trust God to work it out…and why don’t I sometimes?

So take a minute and ask yourself, “Are you a Moses?”


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