Don’t let the process of doing Christian things get in the way of you doing Christian things

You ever have one of those moments where you are so caught up in how something is supposed to be done that you miss the chance to do that something that you were trying to get done?  This happened to me yesterday…sort of.

We had collected a ton of food for the Pickerington Food Pantry over Memorial Day Weekend.  We did this during our 30 hour famine in neighborhoods and during our church services Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.  As you can see in the picture, we reached our goal to Fill the Van.

So Thursday, after getting back from the beach for a few days, I go to the Pickerington Food Pantry to drop off all the food.  No one is there.  But while I am standing at the door, copying down the numbers for contacts, three ladies come to the door, looking to get food from the pantry.  As I walk away making calls on my cell phone, I hear one of them say, “I really need some food for my family.”

I get in my van, still making calls, when it hits me- I have food, I have a full van load of food, why I am I driving away? Ah, its the process.  I got in contact with someone who was going to meet me in about 15 minutes to open the food pantry so I could drop off all the food. And at that moment, I decided to finally do what I knew deep down I should do. 

I drove back to the pantry, and saw the 3 ladies still standing there, worrying about what they were going to do.  I called the ladies over and opened the back of my van.  I told the ladies to help themselves.  It’s not about the process, it’s about meeting needs.  They all walked away with 2 bags full of groceries…and I still had plenty to leave at the pantry.

One lady asked how I pulled off that miracle.  I told it was simple.  We have a church that loves people and wanted to meet needs.  Even though it didn’t go down the way I had planned, it was even better.  Instead of meeting needs through the process, our church was able to meet needs right then, right away.

Don’t let the process of doing Christian things get in the way of you doing Christian things.  I almost did…


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