30 Hour famine Wrap

Well, we made it!  All 14 of the participants in the 30 hour famine completed their 30 hours with no food, only juice and water (And Cail if you read this, Kool-Aid is not juice!!!).  We had a few parents promise their teens that they would participate with them, but most bailed out by dinner time.

The first 24 hours was easy.  I didn’t hear too much complaining about hungry, but the last 6 hours, 15 minutes…man, they were brutal.  And to make it worse, we shared the church during that time with a baby shower.  They had all kinds of food, and the entire building smelled like sloppy joe…torture!!!

But in the end, I think our teens are a little more aware of what impoverished people deal with day in and day out!  And in the reality that during our fast, 36,250 children under the age of 5 died from hunger and poverty related issues, that makes it a little more meaningful!

Can’t wait until next year!  I’ve got some cool ideas to really bring poverty to reality!!!


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