Yellow, white…what’s the difference?

As I drove the 395 miles from Columbus, OH to Lancaster, PA today (much of it on the Pennsylvania Turnpike- which cost me $10-rip off), I had this thought:

Who determined that a yellow line needed to be in the middle of the road and a white line on the outside?  Why did they think that one yellow line in the middle wouldn’t be enough?  Why did they choose just two? How come on a highway a “dotted” white line seperates lanes of traffic going the same way?  Is that necessary? Is there a school you have to go to to become one of those guys who paints lines on the road? or do you just have to be able to drive straight?

I don’t know but that is what I thought of…


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  1. fcacrazy said

    wow. good thoughts. i still think there should be a blue line in the middle. but thats just me.

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