Livin’ in an Amish Paradise

So early Friday Morning, we got up and hit the road to drive from Columbus, Ohio to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for my little brother, Shane, will graduate from Lancaster Bible College tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing most of our family…and I am sure a lot of them are looking forward to seeing us, uh I mean Brayden.  Neither Sindi (my little sister) or Stacie (my next oldest sister) or Sherri (my oldest sister, who is expecting herself) have gotten to see him since he was born, nor has my grammy (my mom’s mom)!  Most of them will be at Shane’s graduation so they will get a chance to hold the little chub-chub son of mine.

Spent the evening with my little bro, since we are the only ones who had a long drive into town (that’s why we came on Friday).  It was fun.  He did get a good laugh at my expense.  Here’s the story:

If you know anything about Lancaster, PA, you know that it is heavily Amish.  Which means there are stores here that have horse and buggy parking areas, as well as regular parking spaces (not sure if handicap or buggy parking is closer, I’ll investigate more).  Anyway, I have seen quite a few horse and buggies in my life, but the ones I saw tonight were different.  They had electric running lights and turn signals, not to mention rear view mirrors.  And I pointed it out, because I thought it was odd that they would have turn signals and all that on buggies, since they tend to shy away from technology.

So Shane laughed at me, and said “That is how I know you didn’t go to school around here.  I don’t even notice them anymore!!!!”  But he will now…


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