Very Exciting Day!!!

We are expecting visitors today.  Our “adopted” parents (these are the people who let us move in with them for two months when we started at Life Community Church back in 2002, even though they didn’t know us.  We met for the first time in their driveway as we pulled the moving truck in!) are stopping by on their way through to Kansas, where they now live for half the year.  They became like family to us over the almost 5 years that we were in Northern Virginia, so it will be fun to see them again.  I hope one day, I can treat a young couple with the love and caring that they did to us.  We felt like part of their family.

They are the first people (other than my parents) from the Northern Viriginia area to visit us since we moved here.  And they will be the first to see our new little boy, Brayden.

I can’t wait to see them! 


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