Yeah, I’d like that in Tens, Fives and ones, please…

Stupid Criminals should be shot on sight.  I’m not planning on trying out forgery at any point, but I am learning about it in some unusual ways.  Here is what I learned today:  When trying to forge and cash a check, try not to add to many zeros to the amount!!!

A 21-year-old “moron” in North Texas tried to cash a personal check from his girlfriends’ mother.  Bank tellers were immediately suspicious.  What do you think caused the suspicion?  Perhaps the ten zeros on the amount of the check!  This guy attempted to cash a personal chec for $360 billion dollars. Whole story here

This brings to mind 3 questions I’d like to ask him:
1. Did you really think the bank teller had that much cash in her drawer?
2. Who do you know keeps that much money in one bank account?
3. Do you want that in large or small bills?



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