#7 Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC ranks #7 in the most recent edition of Forbes “Top 10 Worst Cities for Commuters”.  Way to go!

After having lived in the DC Metro region for about 5 years, that stat made me think…I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in the other cities that are worse than DC

Here are some of the stats from the article:
– 15% of DC Commuters spend over and hour each day getting to work (keep in mind this is DC not Northern VA)
– DC commuters spend an average of 60 hours a year just stuck in traffic jams (that’s two and a half days!)
– Only 26% of DC commuters get to work in under 20 minutes (the lowest percentage in the country)

Here is the entire top 10 worse cities for commuters:
10. San Francisco, CA
9. Los Angeles, CA
8. Houston, TX
7. Washington, DC
6. Tampa, FL
5. Dallas, TX
4. Orlando, FL
3. Miami, FL
2. Detroit, Mich
And the number one city, any guesses???
1. Atlanta, GA


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