Today is Earth day…so do something nice!

Maybe you could give the earth a hug today?  or maybe you can plant a tree, a flower, something.  Or maybe you can just consume less oxygen (in other words, breathe less!)  Or maybe when you are at Wal-mart today, and you see all the trash blowing through the parking lot, you could pick some up on your way in the store.  I know crazy, right?

Today is earth day, and before you think it, know that I am not a radical environmentalist who like to hug trees or in turn chain myself to them for weird reasons.  But I do think that God has given us this earth and we should at least try to take care of it.  So if nothing else…do a little for the earth today!


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  1. Darcy said

    At least you didn’t say to use cloth TP like my cousin did…………..

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