And all for $1…

chipmunks.jpg Have you been to the movies lately?  It’ll cost you an arm and a leg for tickets, and a kidney for your soda and popcorn!  So needless to say, we don’t go to the movies much.  In fact, Addison had never been to the movie theater, and the last movie that Andrea and I saw in the theaters was the movie “Invincible” like over a year ago!
But that changed today!  My mom is in town and we were looking for things to do since it has been rainy all week.  So I did a little searching around and found a $2 theater that shows movies that have just left the regular theaters.  And what’s better, matinee shows before 6p only cost $1 per person.  So Addison, Andrea, Brayden, Nana (my mom), and myself all went to see “Alvin & the Chipmunks” today for $4.  It was kind of cute. 

And it brought back all the memories from watching the cartoon when I was younger…


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