The Big Weekend Wrap-Up

Without a doubt, Easter weekend is one of the greatest weekends ever!  If you are in ministry, this is like the Super Bowl.  Actually, it’s more than that!  I mean without Easter, our religion wouldn’t exist!  It is the one weekend that makes Christianity, well Christianity! 

So yeah, its a big weekend.  And here is how mine went down…

– It started on Thursday, we took a group of 18 student to the Annual Youth Evangelism Conference in Dayton, OH
– Spent Thursday Night chillin at the hotel pool with my students, then we took a drive through the ghetto (ever seen a McDonalds that closes at 9 and a Wendy’s that closes at 8?  I told you it was the ghetto!) and then got on the highway out of the ghetto to get some grub
– Slept in til 9:30am and then we checked out at 11:30 and headed to Dayton Mall for Friday afternoon
– Got me a little Chick-Fil-A for dinner (yum!) and then headed over to the Nutter Center for YEC
– Got back to Sycamore Creek at 1:30am Saturday Morning.  Got to bed around 2!
– Took Addison to the Easter Egg Hunt at Sycamore Creek on Saturday at 9am and then we had a little daddy-daughter date at the McD’s
– Took a nap!
Easter Sunday-
– Hit Panera at 7am to pick up Bagels for our Easter Church breakfast!  Sunrise service at 7am was kickin’ when I got to church!
– Had a great Sunday- 600 in attendance at SCC!  Man this is leading up to our spring Big Days!  This should Rock!!!
– Then hit the road to go visit Andrea’s parents for Easter.
– Came back this morning! 

Big Weekend? Yes!  Worth it? No doubt.


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