Cashiers should get paid by the item!

You’ve been there.  Every line at the grocery store is backed up.  So you pick one and it always turns out to be the absolute slowest lane.  This happened to me the other day.  Apparently the lady working the register wanted to get to know every one of her “clients” personally, so she made sure that she had the right amount of time.  It took me longer to stand in line than it did to grab my 10 items.  The last time I stood in line this long I got to ride a roller coaster at the end!

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “SHUT UP AND SCAN!!!” (but I didn’t)

So here is what I propose: Every cashier should get paid not by the hour, but by the amount of products they scan.  When I worked in a grocery store warehouse (where we unloaded trucks all day), we got paid by the truckload.  Not by the hour!  And you know what, we worked faster.  So I think that would speed the lines up at Walmart, Kroger, wherever!

I think I’ll go write my congressman about it…


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