Blizzard of 2008 can still be fun

While it is true that 12 or more inches of snow (they say 20.5 at the airport, but I doubt it) can really put a damper on your weekend plans, it can also provide all kinds of fun that you can’t have normally.  For example, we did have to cancel our sunday night youth group, but  we are having an igloo/cave building competition instead.  Students are supposed to build a cave or igloo, then take pics and submit them via email for the competition.

So Addison and I spent about an hour outside working on our caves.  Yeah, that’s right! I said caves, plural.  We made two of them.  Check it out!

Our first cave…

Our second cave, a lot bigger, and much more fun. It has a slide!!!

And some pics of the cave…

Addison is chillin’ in the cave

Addison’s cave adventure

Addison is standing up poking her head out of our cave!!!

And here is another video just for kicks!!!


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